Description of the work plan

WP 1 : Requirements, figures and specifications


         Study of user requirements for Internet servers, network devices and mobile terminals.

         Assessment of the state of the art: analysis of existing options and solutions.

         Study of potential evolutions in the security policies.

         Study of the possible adaptation/optimisation of existing crypto IP blocks.

         IP blocks requirement specifications.

WP2 : Architecture and simulation models


         Mathematical and algorithmic optimisation.

         Architecture options study.

         Achievable performance level for the different architecture options envisioned and the impact of the various algorithms on silicon architecture.

WP3 : IP blocks development

WP4 Demonstrators qualification and dissemination activities

         Development of a CryptoSoC testing equipment

         Development of hardware based trial demonstrators integrating customised CryptoSoC.

         Dissemination activities.

WP5 : Project Management