Applications of MaxFS

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MaxFS has a number of applications. Many are arising recently, we only report a few here:

Linear Programming

Diagnose and resolve infeasibility (Greenberg et al. 91, Parker et al. 96, Chinneck 01,...)

Discriminant analysis/data mining

Find linear classifier maximizing the number of correct classifications (Glover 81, Mangasarian 92/95,...) The general problem is to determine the values of the parameters of a hyperplane so as to separate two groups of data points as well as possible.

Radiation therapy

Treatment planning for prostate cancer with radionuclides implants (Lee et al. 99)

Image/signal processing

Detect lines in digital images, estimate piecewise linear models (Amaldi et al. 98/02)

Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-T)

In planning a DVB network, an interesting problem is that of determining the emission power of a given set of $ n$ transmitters so as to maximize territory coverage [21]. [more...]

Protein Folding Potentials.

As described in [16], the problem of modelling the energy function (potential) underlying the folding of amino acid sequences into proteins gives rise to large and dense linear systems with millions up to tens of millions inequalities in hundreds of variables. [more...]

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